Roar (1x1)

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Roar (1x1)

Post by Batman on Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:10 am

Of course, everybody knew about the speakeasy: the clerk, the grocer, the tailor, their wives... heck, even the Chief of Police. Hey, cop's gotta drink too. It was the same as any other speakeasy in the city. Any man that was a good man had never heard of it until the grocer let them in behind the swinging supply shelf for their weekly fix. They'd have the usual two or twenty swigs and maybe cut up the rug with a gal they'd never met. Then they'd up and leave the joint again to go on never hearing about it some more. Ah, prohibition.

One of the more noteworthy regulars to the underground establishment was a young man named Silas Fahr. An industrialist he was, and a wealthy one at that. No one knew quite where he'd come from or who he came with, but as a boy he arrived in town with naught but a foreign surname on his papers and a thick Germanic accent in his throat. It would have been easy to laugh at the scrawny thing that took an interest in business those years back, but one had to be careful around the the accent-less, all-American businessman now. His enemies tended to have such rotten luck with spontaneous property fires when he was away on holiday.

On a busy Friday night like any other, the reserved man politely greeted the cashier at the grocery store and waited to be let into the back where he slipped behind the shelf and stepped onto the stairs that descended into the smoky room. He stopped near the top steps to smooth his fingers over his dark ginger hair, checking to make sure each glossy strand was still obediently combed into place. He straightened the pressed collar of his black suit before letting out a soft sigh, resting his hand on the railing of the staircase as his amber eyes looked out over the bustle of illicit activities below. He recognized a lot of faces down there. Of course the mayor was near the center of the floor, watching the flappers dance up on the stage. At the moment, the non-human dancers had center stage, and the usual non-human wait staff manned the bars and worked the tables. Fawns, fae, halfings... You name it, this bar had it. It was alright, if you were into that sort of thing. Silas was not. He happened to covet his high-class human status and he absolutely did not mingle with the lower creatures unless it was to tell them to shine his shoes. Hm. Perhaps he would have someone in the house staff tend to his shoes when he got home. The dreary rainy weather would not be good for the polish.

Nevermind shoes, Silas was rather a shoo-in for a drink instead, at the moment. He made his way down the stairs, taking care to step over a clumsy fawn waiter as the little one spilled a drink and nearly got the man's pant leg. Clumsy. Hmmm, where to sit? There were a few open seats, but he did not know if he wanted to be a social butterfly, a people-watcher, or a hermit-like recluse tonight. Decisions, decisions.

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Re: Roar (1x1)

Post by Alaina on Wed Dec 16, 2015 5:28 pm

Exasperating, riotous, flamboyant, and nauseating were only a few of the words that Aurel would use to describe his workplace, not that he would tell anyone that - aside from his pet fish who was always given a thorough run down on how horrible the night had gone. The speakeasy was filled with people: a doctor, the mayor, several rambunctious teenagers who were much too young to be drinking, some bloke who looked like an undercover cop (he would have to get one of his more magical workers to take him out back and wipe his mind). The auspicious amount of people drove the introverted red haired man insane. When he had been offered this job he assumed it would be a nice little jot with few people hitting up the joint to get their weekly booze, but ever since the illegal bar opened it had been a hot spot for the more sophisticated members of society as well as the monsters that lived among them.

Aurel had absolutely nothing against his fellow monsters as each dealt with the same prejudice which had been placed upon them by the humans who knew of their existence. His opinion of the wealthy socialites though was one of complete and utter loathing. Throughout his several hundred years of life the vampire had always held a healthy disdain for the top percentage of the world. Never once had he come across a prominent or wealthy figure who was anything less than completely and totally stuck up.

Another small sigh of disdain escaped his lips as he observed the riff raff that seemed to exist to make his life absolutely miserable. The "exotic" dancers were on stage at that moment to the wild excitement of the lust filled crowd. A strong jazzy toon filled the air; a live jazz band played their hearts out on stage, bobbing in the way that musicians do when they especially enjoy the music which they're playing. To be perfectly honest the speakeasy wasn't as crazy as it often got to be. That might be because of the scare which was caused lately by four of the speakeasies in the area being shut down over the course of the week. If only Aurel could get rid of that annoyance of an officer hovering on the edge of his vision.

"Stella," Aurel snapped motioning the beatific fae woman with long black hair over to his side behind the bar counter. "I need you to escort sir suspicious cop over there out to the alley behind our humble grocery store for our special of the night."

The fae woman nodded walking off in the direction of the conspicuous man with a mischievous twinkle in her eye and a slight bounce in her step. Aurel turned to take his place as the main bartender easily sliding into place to catch all the hollered orders. Gracefully he began delegating tasks to those around turning his cute little workers into an efficient force. Naturally with an ease made of centuries filled with blending in the red haired vampire slipped into the rhythm of his work.


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